Boho Chic – Minimalist

Boho Chic –  Minimalist

What is minimalism? In era’s gone by where decadence was the inspiration for living and artistic home Décor the 50’s saw a shift in mindset. This was perhaps on the back of the 20’s Suffragette movement, and as us women were exercising our right to freedom it was perhaps acknowledged that maybe the lavish once sought after aristocracy inspired living choices left us feeling empty and soul robbed. The answer to this started to appear in the 50’s when people were living ‘single’ lives and needing less and less in the way of material baggage and space, we were aspiring to have more human contact, social rendezvous and the freedom to explore ‘the self’. By any stretch of the imagination exciting times in art, fashion and social movements.

What does this mean to us today? Well I think the 80’s brought back a modern take on decadence and now we have past the ‘Back to the Future’ threshold of 2015 we are back to wanting simple easy lives and this means simple easy wardrobes. Bohemian by its very nature is a very busy thought! The idea of layering trinkets and jewels and wearing excess amounts of clothing to ‘get the 70’s take on the theme is the traditional view, but I challenge the modern aesthetic on this trend. Think simple layering rather than excess layering, think complimenting styles rather than pattern blocking, colour blocking and fringing and you can achieve a simple elegant look – add a complimenting theme from the Boho catalogue of ideas and keep it ultra-modern and ‘street’

Here are a few of my Visuals:

Add a touch of your favourite colour to add personality to on otherwise chic look
Not too hip or too cool, just enough to be noticed
Ultra Modern minimalist, add a simple feather charm necklace and give the look a whole new spin


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