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Welcome to the Vie Design Blog, I try to blog as often as I can, may aim is to make new items for the online shop monthly and to share with you the process I go through from design to making, photographing and listing items; – Feel free to comment, share on Facebook and Twitter, use the hashtag #viebeads. you can also bookmark this page so you can keep updated without me sending mail to your inbox.

Posts are listed below, latest post at the top, I hope you enjoy them. Susan xo

What does the the term ‘Bohemian Classics’ inspire in your imagination? For me it’s plenty of sunshine, spring days, and lots of simple layered accessories. Fortunately for me despite the fact it’s still winter I am feeling the inevitable arrival of Spring. The days are getting longer, the sky seems somewhat brighter (be it in it’s lovely shade of grey) and temperature has risen enough for the flowers to start making an appearance. I’m so looking forward to seeing the daffodils bloom over the coming weeks. Don’t forget Spring officially starts on March 20th, We are days away.



Shop Edit: I have had my Etsy shop for 17 months now and I love it, I would say along with my Personal Training career it’s one of the best decisions I ever made but it’s not been without its mega learning curves. I’m not going to bore you all with the geeky details of Search Engine optimization, Etsy ranking systems and tales of my online networking because for you that is not the exciting bit! Rather I would like to share an insight into my shop sections with you all as I’ve been working very hard on developing the aesthetic of my products and make it easier for people to find what they are looking for.



New Arrivals: As we approach the end of the year and we have just about spent up I’m thinking of the aftermath. All year I have wanted to start my first Sterling Silver collection but as this is one of two businesses I have set up in the last 15 months my time has been torn between the needs of the two.  I can report so far so good both Start-up’s (they are in effect still babies) are thriving and I have reached the point I have been aiming for all year, the balance between working for the two.  Finding this has meant I have forgone getting the Sterling Silver collection ready for Christmas, but it also means Vie Beads starts the new year with a shiny new collection and skill set as well as a better sense of direction.


What is minimalism? In era’s gone by where decadence was the inspiration for living and artistic home Décor the 50’s saw a shift in mindset. This was perhaps on the back of the 20’s Suffragette movement, and as us women were exercising our right to freedom it was perhaps acknowledged that maybe the lavish once sought after aristocracy inspired living choices left us feeling empty and soul robbed.