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Welcome to Vie Beads home of Contemporary Semi-Precious Jewellery. Each piece of jewellery is handmade, inspired by alternative and bohemian styles with a contemporary finish. This jewellery is for people who have a love for subtle alternative fashion, like colorful items with a bit of sparkle.  This is timeless jewellery made with love and a sense of adventure.

Semi Precious stones are the presents of nature, they are formed over many years and found within the layers of caves, volcanoes and river beds.I like to think they are the presents nature made for us, each stone telling it’s own story of hardship and happiness. They reflect and honor the hardship and happiness that people experience throughout their time on this beautiful planet and make a perfect thoughtful gift, or a nice memento to yourself reminding you how far you have traveled and the hardships you endured to experience your happiness.

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